Argos Atlanta Plant Tour

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Located in the heart of Atlanta, along the Chattahoochee River, the Argos Atlanta Cement Plant was built in 1962 with its first production following in 1963 with one kiln and one mill. After five years, a second kiln and mill were added and would produce for the Atlanta plant for the next 38 years. In 2006, kiln operations ceased as a result of environmental emissions. Despite no longer producing clinker, the Atlanta cement plant is a unique asset within the Argos U.S. operations, since it hosts the company’s color lab and color blending operation, as well as its grinding capabilities. In addition, the plant has the logistical capability to receive materials and ship to Argos’ customers by rail or truck. The plant employs 40 active, non-union employees with an average of more than 22 years of service who are highly dedicated to supporting Argos’ values of safety, community engagement, and environmental responsibility.

The plant employees have more than 3,500* days since the last lost-time incident, frequently participate in activities supporting their local communities, and work to maintain the plant’s certification under the Wildlife Habitat Council’s Wildlife at Work Program.

*as of April 2019