Felix Bartknecht


Felix Bartknecht, born in 1987, is working as a technical industry manager for infrastructure-related industries at SICK AG in Germany. He has extensive experience in automation applications, process gas and emission monitoring systems as well as customer-specific sensor solutions for production processes along the entire value chain of cement production. Within SICK, Mr. Bartknecht is globally responsible for observing technology trends and developing the company’s process automation solution portfolio for cement, power, glass, waste, recycling, maritime, pulp & paper industries. He takes care of the international coordination of SICKs solution business and is internal sales coach, conference speaker and SICKs first social media brand ambassador. Before starting his career at SICK he worked as an energy consultant for industrial companies where he conducted numerous energy efficiency projects. He holds a bachelors degree in Process Technology and a masters degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm, Sweden. Mr. Bartknecht is known as an internationally recognized conference speaker, social media content creator and live host as well as a renowned author within the global cement community.